The appearance of the brand Wigor

The developers of Wigor have set a goal – to establish the production of a product that can compete on an equal footing with analogues of famous brands. The complex climatic conditions of different parts of the world were taken into account, where there are frequent sharp temperature changes, torrential rains, storms, hurricanes, frosty and snowy winters.
Today, smartphones, phones and tablets from the manufacturer Wigor are in demand and are increasingly popular among the majority of consumers in Europe. Thanks to excellent performance, the brand's products will become your unassuming assistant even in the most difficult situations.
Already many users engaged in ecotourism, jeeping, climbing and other types of extreme, outdoor activities, as well as personnel engaged in those sectors of industry where there are very difficult working conditions, purchased devices of the Wigor brand.

Brand Wigor

If you lead an active lifestyle or work in difficult conditions, you can not do without the products of the brand Wigor.
Protected phones and smartphones Wigor function reliably in the heat and cold. They are not afraid of dust storms or torrential rains.
Our electronics work where other means of communication fail!
So, deciding to buy a protected smartphone or mobile phone manufactured by Wigor, you will act very far-sighted. It's a shame in a week to throw away or take in the repair of an expensive device, and our products are extremely reliable and will never let you down!
The Wigor trademark is still young (founded in 2017), but due to the high quality of manufactured electronics, we are quickly gaining popularity and reputation in the market. Our company looks to the future with confidence and is ready for any mutually beneficial cooperation. If you want to take part in a promising business, we will be happy to consider your proposals and become your partner!

Facing the younger generation

Wigor products can interest people of all ages. The latest phones and smartphones of this brand are popular with children, teenagers and their parents. These devices are so reliable and well protected from damage, moisture and dirt that you can trust them even to kids. You do not have to change your child's phone every month, because Wigor works flawlessly!
It is normal to lead a restless, active, eventful and playful lifestyle for children and teenagers. And if your child's phone or smartphone is not secure enough, it will simply fail quickly. In addition, the developers have worried about the safety of children, equipping many models of emergency communication buttons "SOS". In case of danger, the child only needs to press it, and the device itself will call all the preset numbers.
Wigor is also developing a model for moms with kids. Such a phone or smartphone can be left in the room with the baby and do household chores, and it will record and transmit to the mother everything that happens to her child.
The materials from which the devices of this brand are assembled are absolutely harmless to health. They are not afraid of any weather whims and even falling into a puddle, and the design of phones and smartphones will appeal to even the most spoiled teenager.

Our goal

Among the main goals pursued by our brand, we should highlight the following areas:
Cooperation with large retail chains sales of products through its own online store active promotion in the Russian market and European markets. We are doing everything to ensure that our secure mobile phones, smartphones (IP68 protection class), as well as tablet computers, a variety of accessories and gadgets, the release of which we have outlined in the near future, could successfully compete with the best analogues of leading foreign manufacturers.
Our motto: Reliability And reliability in everything today Wigor experts develop a number of highly specialized models (including the protected tablet computers) intended for operation in specific sectors of the industry, for example, at the oil refining and oil-extracting enterprises, in the construction sphere and in warehouse. We are also working on the creation of powerful protected smartphones and phones equipped with built-in thermal imagers, soil moisture sensors and other special devices.ми, датчиками влажности почвы и прочих специальных устройств.

Wigor brand values

We strive to ensure that all products of our company, whether protected phones, smartphones, tablet computers or accessories, meet the highest international standards of quality and reliability. But we do not forget about the fact that a person immediately had a desire to buy a protected phone or smartphone Wigor, as soon as he saw it. Therefore, our designers make all their skills, creating ultra-modern and most attractive models.

Facts about the product Wigor

Indisputable advantages of our production are:
Modern design the individuality of our protected phones and smartphones immediately catches the eye Durability and reliability in the production of our devices, we use only the highest quality and time-tested materials.
High protection class one hundred percent tightness, which does not allow dust and moisture to penetrate inside together with impact resistance and high resistance to temperature changes Affordable price the cost of our devices is much lower than that of competitors, despite the characteristics that often exceed similar models.

Who are Wigor products focused on?

Our powerful protected phones, smartphones, tablets, accessories and gadgets are designed for people who are not used to sitting still. We produce electronics for travelers, tourists, sports fans. Our products are intended for builders and specialists from many industries. These devices are needed wherever there is high humidity, strong dust or other difficult conditions, due to which conventional electronics begins to fail.